Why Hire Offshore Developers

In this paragraph, we just want to set up some expectations. Firstly, we do not want to say that hiring offshore developers with some random company is good. Secondly, if you just want an extra workforce to your team there is a load of companies that offer this. Likewise, some of those companies’ big offers are the price, some others brag to say they have the top talents. Above all, you know that most of the time this is all lies. You know, cheap prices without smarts are just bad quality and no hiring process is free of failures. In short, if you got up to the place of asking why to hire offshore developers. I’m comfortable to say that we have the best answer for you.

Why hire offshore developers with DREAMDEV?

At DREAMDEV quality is a first-class citizen. For us, quality is not just testing if your software is bug-free. We go beyond that.

How you can make sure that a process is error-prone and its execution is consistent? Even if it is the 50th time or 2000th time that you are executing it.

The right answer is, you need to automate it. By automating daily software development routines you improve the quality of your deliveries, save time, and cut down costs.

So, on what should I focus?

When you hire offshore developers you should not just look for an extra hand on your team. Above all, you should look for buying expertise as well. Most importantly, you should focus on augmenting your delivery capabilities and improving your time-to-market response. Think about all the opportunities that your company has lost just because it is postponing this investment.

Bear with me, do not feel guilty. Investing, in-house, in software quality is expensive, it’s much cheaper if you buy this expertise. Our team has more than 30 years of accumulated experience in software quality. From the basics as unit testing. Through Test-Driven Development, software design patterns, software architecture, cloud architecture, services orchestration and operation. Up to the full automation of a distributed ecosystem.

In conclusion, with all those practices that we have built-in, we can deliver value to your company with competitive prices. In other words, you should hire offshore developers with DreamDev. Certainly, we can deliver business value, fast and at low-cost, just by working smarter.

Feel free to have a look on the services that we provide, or if you want to know a bit more about us.

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