IT Consultancy

Leverage our world-class IT consultancy

Our IT consultancy services include delivery, training, analysis, and architectural engagements. Our team of expert consultants can help with process improvements, architectural problems, or general analysis and training.

The services provided by our expert consultants will help fine-tune your software, infrastructure and business processes.

Architectural Consultancy

We help our customers understand their business domain quickly. We help bring clarity and simplicity to large complex distributed architectures.

  • Event Storming.
  • Domain-Driven Design.
  • Microservice Architecture Design.
  • Scalable, Reliable Cloud Infrastructure Design.

Software Delivery Consultancy

We help our customers identify bottlenecks in their delivery processes and help them reduce their Time to Market (cycle and lead times).

  • Value Stream Mapping.
  • Lean Software Development.
  • Agile Continuous Improvement.

Coaching and Training

We help customers embed DevOps and continuous delivery culture into their organisations by providing training to their delivery teams.

  • Test-Driven Development.
  • Acceptance Test-Driven Development.
  • Event Storming.
  • Value Stream Mapping.
  • Domain-Driven Design.
  • Azure DevOps Training.